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UX & Product Design and Market Research

Design products that are intuitive and easy to use
A team of industry experts on UX, Product Design and User Research
Infinitivity Design Labs is a leader in product design and market & user research, offering services across different sectors and domains for various clients across the globe. The studio runs worldwide market & user research studies for competitor analysis, trends identification, megachallenges detection and possesses a unique expertise in designing sustainable solutions for small and large-scale organizations through the use of various methods and tools.

User Research

Infinitivity Design Labs is a pioneer in product design and market & user research, running small and large-scale studies across diverse sectors and domains to a global clientele. Our studio specializes in conducting comprehensive market & user research studies, including competitor analysis, trend identification, and detecting mega-challenges. We take pride in our unique expertise in crafting sustainable solutions for organizations of all sizes, employing a range of innovative methods and tools.

Product Design & UX

IDL has been providing consulting services on User Experience and User Research to various corporations and public bodies. Our services include:
• User Experience Design, UI Design
• User & Market Research
• UX Writing
IDL has previously worked in the fields of Banking, Insurance, Travel, eCommerce, Education, Public Administration, Health, AI/ML

Design Thinking

IDL’s facilitators can organize and run different types of workshops like:
• Design Sprints
• Project framing
• Ideation workshops
• Research framing workshops
• Learning Objective definition
IDL has been facilitating different types of workshops for large corporations and public institutions in Europe, USA, Canada and the UK

An award winning design team

Increasing platform usability

By designing experiences that are intrinsically motivating, users are more interested in exploring product features, learning how systems work. This leads to more efficient onboarding, as well as an overall platform User Experience.

Designing products & services that users need and love

By applying an iterative creative problem solving methodology, IDL and the various processes it applies aim at bringing users at the center of the design process. By designing with users’ needs, expectations and motives in mind, design teams can design meaningful products for their users and customers.

Improving system usability

By applying various creative problem solving processes, adapted to the needs and specificities of your organization, IDL will propose usable, intuititve and intrinsically motivating experiences, based on customers’ needs, expectations and motives.

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