IDL is joining the TEX4.0 project by helping design intrinsically motiviating learning experiences!

The project is an innovative initiative designed to revolutionize vocational education and training (VET) in the textile industry. At its core, the project aims to develop a tailored curriculum that addresses the specific needs of VET trainers and learners in the realm of new technologies. This curriculum will provide VET trainers and key stakeholders in the textile industry with essential tools to facilitate the acquisition of digital skills among learners. Additionally, the project seeks to offer learners a comprehensive and innovative training package focused on skills related to Industry 4.0, ensuring they are well-equipped for the technological demands of the modern workplace. Furthermore, TEX4.0 is committed to producing engaging and attractive training materials, aiming to enhance the appeal of the textile sector to younger generations. A key goal of the project is to foster active engagement in its activities and to employ participatory approaches in vocational education, ensuring a more interactive and effective learning experience. Through these efforts, TEX4.0 aspires to set a new standard in VET, making it more relevant, appealing, and effective in preparing learners for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age in the textile industry.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a curriculum based on the needs of VET trainers & learners in the field of new technologies
  • Equip VET trainers and textile stakeholders with the tools to support the digital skills acquisition of their learners
  • Offer VET learners an innovative training package on Industry4.0-related skills
  • Produce attractive training material to make the textile sector more appealing to youth
  • Achieve engagement in project’s activities and to use of participatory approaches in VET

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