RealPlay: An Educational Augmented Reality Board Game

TechnologiesBoard game, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
AR PlatformsMobile Devices
VR PlatformsOcculus, HTC VIve, Google Cardboard

RealPlay - An Augmented Reality Board Game on Cultural Heritage

RealPlay is a prototype serious gaming experience, aiming at introducing players to the history and rich cultural history of various archaeologic locations and landmarks with prominent importance for local, regional, national and European significance.

The platform combines a variety of technologies in order to create intrinsically motivating learning experience through an Augmented Reality board game. Dream Island, presents a physical map board, presenting players with the opportunity to enter a race inside the game’s customizable area, while being introduced to different landmarks, stories and legends of this area by scanning physical cards and viewing 3D replicas of buildings, landmarks and items through the use of their mobile devices.