Kabuji: A Blockchain-powered narrative universe

Project nameThe Kabuji Legends
Technologies usedBlockchain, NFTs

Kabuji: A blockchain-powered participatory narrative universe

The Kabuji project is based on the premise of the Narraverse: a notion introduced by IDL.

A Narraverse is a participatory narrative universe that is powered by different story arcs on different worlds of the broader narrative universe.

Members of the Narraverse can propose stories and any of them can impact and make important decisions on the outcomes of pivotal moments of the narrative arcs.

The Kabuji Legends project builds a Narraverse of different worlds and provides NFT cards of different characters and artifacts that can potentially be integrated in Narraverse-related games.

For more information, please check the official The Kabuji Legends website: https://kabuji.com