CircVET – Circular economy practical training materials


Plastic economy has been based from its start in linear managing producing overwhelming amounts of waste. This compromises the sustainability of human activities and, therefore, threatens our wellbeing degrading our ecosystems.
Setting circular business models requires increasing and adapting the Knowledge and awareness of the companies, as well as skills boosting of both, former and new entrants to the economic system.

Would getting access to top-tier University, i-VET or c-VET training material help the companies make this transition?
New training material answering to companies’ needs, covering all the value chain of plastics is being developed.

With this aim, first, the methodology and then the curricula are being set in order to ensure the adaptation of the material to be used in I-VET and C-VET teaching systems.
Once the contents are developed, it will be tipped over MOOCs/NOOCs that will be available and accredited through micro-credentials in order to develop a platform for learning and connecting.
Finally, strong links will be generated amongst academia, VET centres and companies in order to enable pilot validation of the material.
Nine modules split in different levels will be available and accredited in six EU languages considering from the very beginning the needs of the companies and validated by 80 companies and 200 students of the sector.

Project nameCircVET
ContributionLearning Management Systems and Learning Content