Blossoming Cities – education for biodiversity protection

Project nameBlossoming Cities
ContributionInteractive Learning Modules

Blossoming cities

IDL is developing a series of interactive learning modules in the scope of Blossoming Cities, an Erasmus+ KA2 project.

Our project ‘BlossomingCities’ will bring together partners from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, who will collaboratively work at local, national, and European levels to build an innovative Pollinator friendly training model for Urban environments, to support and enhance VET education delivery, and guide VET Trainers through appropriate information, training tools, and resources. VET trainers will, then, train city actors (including mayors, local policymakers, city decision-makers, city council members, local authority practitioners), NGOs, urban planners, representatives of educational institutions of all levels, public and private organisations, and professionals in urban and sustainable development and biodiversity protection, bees and butterflies conservation associations, beekeepers associations, entomological societies, botanical gardens, natural history museums on how to tackle the decline of wild pollinator populations in urban settings through their stand.

Our training model will propose best practices, strategies, and initiatives, as well as awareness-raising actions and campaigns that can be taken in the frames of organized urban planning. It will include activities and actions referring to the involvement of civil society-at-large and the value of collaborations at local, national, and European levels to tackle the decline of wild pollinator populations. It is hoped that BlossomingCities to reach city actors, urban planners, related experts, researchers, policymakers, and government officials, and activate mechanisms towards tackling the wild pollinators’ decline in the urban settings.