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NamePadTales: Little Star's Great Journey
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ActivePlay: Interactive Crowdsourcing Storytelling

ActivePlay is an interactive crowdsourcing audiovisual platform aspiring to become the window of a next generation of educators, content creators, producers and enthusiasts that will redesign Education, Instructional Design, Medicine, Cinema & TV. ActivePlay features and hosts interactive training sessions, movies and TV series where creators can either offer their content for free or monetize their content easily. The idea behind ActivePlay is that the audience can choose to watch a movie or an episode and make decisions on the course of events that are going to happen, leading each time to a different ending. ActivePlay intends to bring interactive elements to conventional content and create a next generation of multimedia content distribution.

During the previous years, it became obvious that multimedia content is a sector rapidly evolving. Its form and way of presentation adjusts to new standards and needs posed by the different advances in technology. Trends are strongly bound to new interfaces and intuitive designs, usually connected with ideas previously unimaginable. Interactive Cinema & TV for mobile devices the next step in how audiences will experience cinema and television and this is the reason why Playcompass Entertainment has been developing a revolutionary platform presenting this new era to an international audience.

Activeplay Education

Interactive storytelling platforms should employ the most dynamic methods of narration, such as threaded and nodded, and utilize emerging technologies in order to appeal users and capture their attention. Taking into consideration the existing work in the field of interactive storytelling and CfE, ActivePlay proposes an interface for authoring and presenting interactive storytelling experiences utilizing video content in mobile devices through collective participation of educators.

ActivePlay is a prototype crowdsourcing platform, aiming to allow Audio Visual (AV) content creators design and share their content online. The platform was designed to maximize users’ experience and ease of use. The platform’s client, which is the means through which final users access those interactive storytelling experiences, has been designed for Apple iPad.

ActivePlay Education, an extension of ActivePlay, is an interactive storytelling platform, specially designed for educational purposes. Like similar implementations, ActivePlay Education embraces creativity and imagination in storytelling and targets in bringing it closer to a children’s’ world. In order to propose a user-friendly end-user application and authoring platform, a participatory design approach was applied, where educators were introduced to the concept of the platform and were asked for feedback. At the moment that this paper is edited, ActivePlay Education remains still at a concept phase, with a working prototype working only for demo purposes for pilot and feedback sessions, conducted by the authors.