IDL provides several services on

Learning & Development and Instructional Design

Design intrinsically motivating learning experiences that efficiently and effectively help learners and employees develop skills and acquire knowledge
A large expertise on diverse projects & contexts
L&D and Instructional Design services
IDL provides a large set of services on the field of Instructional Design, Learning & Development and e-learning. This includes design and facilitation of onite & online trainings, designing learning curricula, producing learning content, as well as helping devise learning strategies for entire organizations. IDL's experienced L&D team, consists of award-winning instructional designers and industry veterans who can your organization across different stages of learning & training.

E-Learning content

IDL has been developing e-learning content for a variety of contexts, like the ones of cybersecurity & fraud, soft skills training, change management, design, banking, health, sustainability and travel.

Interactive learning content

IDL designs interactive learning experiences that can be integrated in different infrastructures.

Learning Management Systems

IDL designs, installs and maintains Learning Management Systems for different organizations and public institutions.

Serious Games

IDL is a pioneer in serious gaming with a large portfolio of games for a variety of sectors, like casual gaming, sustainability, STEM, active citizenship, democracy, health, banking and misinformation.

Financial education

IDL specializes in Financial Education as well as presenting other complex notions in a simple and digestable manner. Furthermore, through behavioural psychology approaches, IDL tries to establish positive habits, aiming at helping clients & users transform their lives and improve their well-being.

Digital Transformation

IDL is a leader in digital transformation in the education sector, providing services on change management, digital literacy trainings, corporate training and supporting organizations come up and deploy innovative learning strategies.

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