Designing an Audio Analysis Tool – UX Analysis

Experience designers always learn new things by getting involved in new projects. User experience is a constant process of trying to find balance between technology and nature, client needs and investor needs, art and logic. In this sense, being presented with the opportunity to design a smartwatch application for an existing audio analysis tool was amazing. I couldn’t be more happy. The initial application was an audio analysis tool, designed initially for a research project and later developed for industrial purposes.

Its users, musicians and AV engineers are a vocal community with strong preferences and a particular routine. This made the design of the initial process challenging and my work even more challenging!

After long discussions and gaming activities, trying to understand the nature of the product, I started working on prototyping. I came up with several designs. Below, I present one:


The low-tech prototypes lead to the design of a wireflow that is presented below:


The high fidelity flow chart was designed on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and presents the architecture of the application as well as high fidelity wireframes for each application screen for a smartwatch.