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Big Data Analysis

We develop a wide variety of AI algorithms for semantic analysis, using NLP and Deep Learning techniques. Our algorithms can be used in contexts such as health, news, AI for education and cybersecurity.

Educational Game Design / Instructional Design

We design games for PCs, mobile devices, consoles, AR/VR devices that provide intrinsically motivating learning experiences.

Participation in EU research projects

We participate as partners in national and European research projects, such as Horizon2020 and Erasmus+


We provide instructional design consulting services, such as creating learning content, educational games, gamification, instructional design standards and norms. Train your personnel, deliver a message, change the world.

User Experience Design

Bringing amazing products to life from concept to production. Create products that user love by understanding their mental models and needs.

UX Design & Research Trainings

Re-Invent your company’s design process and upskill your team. Learn and conquer the latest approaches and methodologies on UX design and research from the experts in user experience.

We designing experiences

based on research

We run tailored approaches to user testing by identifying your teams’ and products’ needs, goals and constraints.

We create intrinsically motivating learning experiences

We consider play an indispensable aspect of any engaging activity.

UX Research

User-Centered design is without doubt an approach that can positively impact the design and development of products and services. By measuring and understanding what users think, feel and understand as well as effectively capturing business goals we design products and services that users love.

As part of our User Experience Research methodologies, we use:
Quantitative surveys
Focus Groups
Moderated / Unmoderated user feedback sessions
Persona creations
Experience Maps, User Journeys
Top Task analysis
Participatory design sessions
Ethnographic studies
Diary studies

Educational Game Design / Instructional Design

Consisting of veterans in the industry and academia, our team aims at designing intrinsically motivating learning experiences through games, Learning Management Systems, MOOCs and tailored e-learning solutions.

Our fields of expertise cover:
Educational games
Instructional Design standards and norms (LOM, SCORM, IMS-LD, xAPI)
Health games
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Platforms we develop for:
PC, Mac, Mobile, Interactive tabletops & surfaces, Headmounts, Motion sensor controls, tangible objects

UX Design / Information Architecture

We provide Information Architecture and UX Design services. Information Architecture is about helping users achieve the tasks they want by providing them with the necessary amount of information. Information Architecture requires a global perspective of both products and users’ mental models.

Our approaches include:
UX Strategy, Information Architecture, Content and User Flows, Content Auditing, Dashboard Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Competitor Analysis, Design of User Journeys, Experience Maps, Storyboards, Preliminary & Ongoing User Research, User Testing, User Interviews, User Analytics, Data Driven Development and reporting to stakeholders.

Participation in Research Projects

Our team consists of EU and national project reviewers, evaluators proposal writers and professionals/researchers that have previously worked in academia an the industry.

We are always interested in joining National projects, Erasmus+ projects, Horizon2020 projects.

UX Designer & Research trainings

Are you now discovering User Experience?
Do you want to be trained by the experts in usability?

Do you want to have an holistic perspective of setting a UX design process, creating your UX strategy and become more UX sensitive?

We offer tailor-made trainings to teams and enterprises.

Why join a UX Design & Research training?
+ Your team will have the same understanding about UX (involving designers, managers, product owners, developers, QA, etc)
+ Your team will have the opportunity to raise questions to our expert trainers concerning your own design process
+ Your team will participate in a practical, hands-on session where they will apply the knowledge they received in the training
+ Your team will be introduced to the latest methodologies, trends and approaches of UX

Existing trainings:
1) Introduction to UX Design & Research
2) Advanced issues of UX Design & Research
3) Information Architecture in Practice
4) Research Driven Design
5) Gamification in User Experience
6) Educational Game Design
7) Playful Design & Gamification for Enterprises

Iterative Design Process

We apply a continuous and iterative design process, offering flexibility, consistency and ability to mitigate problems that may arise.

Play in the center of engagement

We consider play instrumental for the creation of intrinsically motivating experiences in any type of products, services, media and industries

Participatory design specialists

We do not only consider users’ opinion crucial for the design of successful products. We support the use of tools and techniques for their involvement in the design process

Multidisciplinary design approach

Our team’s diverse skill provides us with the advantage of approaching design through different angles and anticipate issues and constraints that will save money and time


by using UX Research

Our User Experience research experts will help you make more informed decisions, decreasing expenses, times and internal frictions and leading to more efficient and interesting products.


with your users

Our team will facilitate interviews, workshops, focus groups, surveys that will provide a better perspective of what users really want and how


by gamifying your products

Our team will help you put play in the core of your innovation process and the design of your products and services, increating engagement, conversion and retention

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Innovation, research, design, development

Do you have an idea for a research proposal?

If you have an idea about a research proposal (whether this is a National or a European one, an Erasmus+ or a Horizon2020 one, a small or a big one) and you want to make it more concrete, ask for consulting advice on User Experience, educational gaming, design, development, you can contact our team.

Reliability, consistency, dedication, innovation

Are you looking for partners for a research proposal?

We are always open to new opportunities, joining consortia and supporting innovative ideas that will lead to concrete proposals, products and services in the research fields we are working on. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact our team.

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George Kalmpourtzis

Principal / Founder

George Kalmpourtzis is an award-winning Experience and Games designer, book author and educator

Ifigeneia Tsolaki

Instructional Designer / Storyteller

Ifigeneia has been a creative instructional designer, having worked in several projects, contexts and industries

George Ketsiakidis

Senior UI/UX Designer - Researcher

Coming from both a creative and technical background, George is a senior creative with several years of experience leading high-profile projects

Lazaros Vrysis

Software Architect

Lazaros is a veteran software engineer, having worked on a variety of platforms, frameworks and projects

Fragkiskos Katsimpas

Software Architect / Scrum Master

Fragkiskos is a veteran software engineer with an enormous portfolio of mobile apps and platforms.

Tilemachos Kalmpourtzis

Instructional Designer / Project Manager

Tilemachos is a seasoned Scrum Master, having worked in a variety of projects, both in e-learning, IT and education

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